Black Harvard Students Had Their Own Ceremony

This one of a kind ceremony also called, the Black Commencement 2017, has taken a year to plan. It took place  May 23rd, at Holmes Field with more than 120 students. Over $27,000 was raised by the students that will benefit this ceremony and a reception to follow. Ultimately, the students will still attend the regular graduation ceremony. They want to use this experience to allow their families and friends to see them together as a “whole group”.


A graduate student, Michael Huggins explains that “this is not about segregation” but it’s about “fellowship and building a community.” Each student will receive an African kente cloth to wear instead of a traditional stole, which is to symbolize the “shared heritage of the black students.”

Columbia University has participated in segregated ceremonies over the past few years for a different culture or ethnicity groups. Columbia will have six graduation ceremonies including their regular commencement exercises. The Boston Globe describes the different Columbia ceremonies as an “Asian Graduation Reception, a Lavender Graduation for LGBT students, a Black Graduation, a Raza Graduation for Latino students, a First-Generation Graduation and a Native Graduation for Native American students.” This is starting to be a trend in the Ivy League schools across the country. Will this affect the students or the overall environment of Ivy League schools in the future?

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