Jackson State University New President Is Not Welcomed By Students And Alumni 

Jackson State University (JSU) students and alumni are taking a stand after The Institutions of Higher Learning, state College Board, appointed William Bynum as the newly elected president. Students and alumni voices kept at arm’s length during the president selection process and legal action is scheduled to take place to get their voices heard.

Before receiving this opportunity as JSU new president, Bynum was the president at rival school Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) for four years. During an emergency meeting, Bynum was grilled question after question and ultimately the main concern was trust. JSU Senior, Jauan Knight, asked Bynum, “When you were selected, it was almost without hesitation that you accepted the position with only being at Mississippi Valley for four years. How can we trust that you will stick with JSU?” To make matters worse, if we go back to 2013 when MVSU alumni complained about Bynum was chosen as the new president because he lacked experience in public universities. Four years later, different university and the same concerns as Bynum becomes JSU’s new president.

From the Mississippi Today, Bynum expressed that “For those with concerns, trust me I heard you loud and clear. I understand the mistrust you feel but I promise to work hard for you. I will be genuine and transparent.” With of the negative feedback, as MVSU president Bynum increased enrolled by 11 percent and improved financial woes for the university. JSU are dealing with financial troubles and Bynum says that is his first priority.

Bynum first official day as JSU president begins July 1st. 

Originally blogged on Campus Lately

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