Which HBCU Alumni Donates the Most?

During my graduation commencement practice, the university’s Alumni association spoke to the graduating class about becoming a devoted alumnus once graduation is over and encourages giving back to the school. Well I doubt any of us were paying attention at that time because graduation was the next day and we were preparing to celebrate. Throughout time, historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) struggles to gain donations from their alumni.

During the college football season, HBCU alumni flock to the games in masses, but when it is time to ask for donations it’s a completely different story.  Some HBCUs are struggling to keep their doors open for this upcoming fall semester and as a community, we should make it our duty to give back to the university that supported you throughout your collegiate years. Dallas News  reported that University of Texas at Austin raised $345 million in donations last year with 24% or $82.8 million coming from UT Alumni. So why can’t HBCUs encourage their alumni to give back?

Is it because majority of students that graduate HBCUs are in debt from student loans, haven’t received their dream job, or maybe had a negative experience at the university? Maybe this is a myth, maybe not, but all HBCUs have problems and long lines at the Financial Aid office. As a community, we can at least try to help create a different experience for the future HBCU students and alumni.

U.S. News published a report that shows the top 10 HBCUs with the “highest percentage of alumni [donating] during the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years.” Number one on the list is Clafin University in South Carolina with an average of 47.7% alumni donating and #9 on U.S. News historically black colleges and universities rank. Not shown on the report, but mentioned Texas Southern University and Fayetteville University reported 2% of alumni donating during the school years.

School (state) Average percentage of alumni who donated U.S. News historically black colleges and universities rank
Claflin University (SC) 47.7 9
Spelman College (GA) 39.3 1
Bennett College (NC) 35 17
Lane College (TN) 32.9 Not Posted
Fisk University (TN) 22.8 8
Tougaloo College (MS) 18.7 11
Tuskegee University (AL) 18.3 4 (tie)
Johnson C. Smith University (NC) 17.4 15
Xavier University of Louisiana 16.7 6
Hampton University (VA) 15.2 3


CampusLately recently teamed up with Roland Martin, host of TV One’s NewsOne Now, on his initiative to raise funds for HBCUs so we are asking, “every HBCU Alumni pledge to give $60 to their Alma Mater with #pledge60.” Let us come together and preserve the legacy of HBCUs so that the next generation will have better opportunities for the future.

Originally blogged on Campus Lately

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