Roommate Contract

contractThe first day of the school is almost here which means back to the dorms for some and for freshmen meeting your new roommates. Living on campus is a great experience for every college student. It allows you to finally be out of your parents’ house and make your own rules and decisions. Let us not forget you meet new people who sometimes turn into great friends or nemeses. I definitely had a crazy dorm experience and it taught me that I am very picky on who I call roomie. If you want to avoid any drama and establish house rules may be a roommate contract will help keep the peace.

 Download a sample Roommate Contract here…



Are you a major foodie? Would you get upset if your roommate ate your food without asking? Do you like to cook? Do you clean the dishes after you cook? Will you grocery shop together? What if your roommate drinks the last sip of orange juice?

Cleaning Duties

Are you a clean freak? Do you wait until the weekend to clean? What if your roommate does not clean up after the guests?



Is it okay if your roommate eats some of your food without asking? Do you like to share? Can you roommate borrow your sock or makeup while you are not home? What if something breaks, how are you going to resolve this with your roommate?



Do you like to pay rent on time or wait until the last day to pay? Who will handle turning in the money order to the office? Will you split the bills?


Overnight Guests/Parties/Pets

Will you throw any parties? Who’s invited? Who’s not invited? Do you like loud music? What if your roommate has a dog or cat? Can guys/girls stay overnight? Do you want some alone time with your significant other without your roommate?



Check out these Roommate Apps To Help Keep Peace

Chorma (Shared To-Do list)

Square Cash (Money transfer for bills)

Evernote (Shared Grocery lists)

Homeslice (All-in-one roommate app)

Originally blogged on Campus Lately

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