Boston Trip

This past weekend, I traveled to Boston, Massachusetts. The city of American history and home of the Celtics, who are leading in the 2nd playoff round. My reason for visiting Boston was to watch one of my favorite podcasts live, Desus & Mero, The Bodega Boys. Now I could have waiting for them to come down to Houston, but I was like “Why not visit a city you never been before?” So, Boston it was, and I have to say this trip opened my eyes to the world of travel.

First, I have to say I was skeptical of going to Boston after hearing so many athletes say Boston/New England was their worst place to play due to some racism. So, I have come back and say I did not experience that at all, I mean I’m sure there was some eyes looking at me, but for the most part it was very diverse and inviting. It was so many interracial relationships. Almost every group of friends were a mix of different backgrounds. It’s not like we don’t have that down here, but up there it was a norm. Everyone didn’t turn around or give a side-eye when a Black girl and White boy walked in together holding hands. I was really amazed and happy at the same time. It felt like this city was accepting of everyone. I did not get to see the “ghetto” of Boston and may be my views would change, but from what I saw I will definitely visit Boston again.

While I was there, I took a cruise around Boston and learned some of America’s history which I learned all throughout school. As our guide was telling us the story of Paul Revere when he warned everyone that the British were coming, I could not help to think, “What about my people?” What about the African-American men that served in the American Revolutionary war? Do they get their stories told as well on this tour? Luckily, the guide did tell us that Paul Revere never made it to the other side of Boston, but instead he was captured by the British. It was actually Dr. Samuel Prescott who warned everyone. Just some history facts you may want to know.


Let’s get to the main reason I went to Boston, Desus & Mero, also known as the “Bodega Boys” from the Bronx. I first heard of Desus & Mero when my mom was watching their show and I could not stop from laughing. Literally two guys talking like they would in these New York streets, but with a camera and lights. Desus Nice and The Kid Mero are the new late-night geniuses and they are taking over the podcast and late-night TV show games. Their podcast, Desus vs. Mero, was the first podcast I actually subscribed and consistently listen every week for a new show to appear. Its amazing and a blessing to seem them talk about being so poor and still doing this podcast even when they wanted to quit with no results. To now having a late-night show with “Illustrious Guests” on Viceland and making DJ Envy even hate on them from talking so straight-forward with no remorse. I literally feel like I’m a New Yorker while listening to their podcast, lol.

Sorry if this article was a little long-winded, but that’s how excited I was to go on my first trip in a new city without my mom by my side. Look out for more travel stories because AP plans to travel more and learn new things as I go.


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