Introverts While Being Quarantined

Ms. Corona got us stuck in the house. For some people, this is a real problem, but for us, introverts, this is the best thing that could have happened in 2020. I’m still mad that I am still going into work and pretty sure someone at work has the corona virus. On the other hand, at least I have a job, right. Plus, I am the youngest in the office so all the older people surely would pass it on to me lol. Just playing, but not really.

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Anyways, the best thing that I like about Ms. Rona being here is that I can keep my office door shut and not have to listen to these people complain all day long. Everyone thinks they are a doctor now and keep talking about COVID-19 every single minute of the day. Plus, two people been coughing before corona was officially announced and I been spraying my office whenever they come in my office. People in my office try to stay 6 feet away when you’re at the printer, but we’ve had meetings this whole time, so we already got it.

imagesI like to classify myself as an introvert that likes to go out. During this quarantine stage, I have realized that I do kind of like to be around people on the weekends, but not really. For me, going out to brunch, bars, and concerts are my weekend activities when I’m not at work. Now they have cancelled two of my upcoming concerts which I was so excited to attend. I can’t go to the bars or restaurants to hear live music anymore. Thanks to DJ D-nice for the Club Quarantine on Instagram live and keeping the party going while everyone is in the house.

anigif_sub-buzz-1170-1584633397-1Shout out to all my introverts who are loving being in the house and I pray for my extroverts who are going through it right now. Overall, I hope everyone stays safe while this pandemic is taking over our world. Please do your best of staying inside and keeping away from people. We know the orange Cheeto may fuck this up so let’s try our best at what we can do to stay safe and get out of this solitary confinement.


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