Things to do While Quarantined

The world finally has something in common and thats all of us being quarantined during this pandemic. This has literally changed our course of everyday life. Since being quarantined, there has been IG live dance parties, concerts, hair tutorials, etc. This time is showing us we all needed a break or time to reflect on our lives. I know there are some people who are having a difficult time due to the virus, but there is hope at the end of this nonsense. We do not know when this will end, but we can find things to do while we are all stuck in the house.

IMG_96831. Relax

Before the coronavirus came into our lives, I know there were times where we wanted to relax, but couldn’t because of work, family, life. Now we have the time so take a breather, meditate, or just take a moment for yourself.

2. Work On Your Goals

We all have ideas and sometimes we don’t have the time or like me just procrastinate at times. Start working on that idea you had for a business, write that book, learn a new skill. There is no excuse for you not to complete your goals this year and probably quicker than you planned.

3. Workout

images-3Now this is a hard one for me because I just can’t motivate myself to workout. With everything that is going on, I have no excuse but to workout. Get yourself in shape and whenever we can leave our houses show off that new body. We can forget about our summer bodies since it sounds like we not having summer break either.

4. Cookimages-1

If you don’t know how to cook, this is the time to learn. I was already trying new recipes, but since being locked down I have increased cooking and baking. Cooking is a stress reliever. It has helped me to keep my mind off of the crazy shit that is happening in the world.

5. Read a Book or Write

Yes, read a book. If you don’t like reading books, then read an article or whatever pique your interest. I don’t like listening to the news so I read it instead because of the ignorant news anchor. Anyways read a book or write. Like I said before, write that book or just write down your thoughts. Write down how you are feeling being stuck inside or what you plan to do once we are off of lockdown.

6. Family Time

download-1We all need our family during these times. Some of us are separated from our families to promote social distancing. Being away from your family can be a damper, but luckily we have FaceTime and other social media types. I hope this time brings more families together even the family members you don’t talk to before the quarantine. I have to take my own advice and repair some family ties because anyone can get the coronavirus.

There are a million other things you can do while quarantined. Now is the time for a reset on your life and a chance to follow your dreams. Make the best of the time because time is of the essence. Please be safe and follow the protocols so that we will all make it out of this alive, maybe a better person.


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