No Chloe Hate Over Here

No Chloe Hate Over Here

We’ve recently been reintroduced to Chloe and Halle Bailey when they launched their own separate social media accounts. If you did not know they were discovered by our very own Queen Bee or Bey, Beyonce Knowles when they covered one of her songs. They’ve been on her label since they were kids.

We’ve seen their acting skills blossom on Grownish, our version of “A Different World.” Now they are all grown up and doing their own thing like Halle becoming Ariel in the live movie version. We also saw Chloe in the studio with some LVRN artists which already sounds like a great collaboration. Each sister is shining in their own light, and then you have some people who try to dim that light.

If you have not seen the silhouette challenge on social media, then you are missing out. Chloe actually was one of the first people to do the challenge, but she did her way. Like Beyoncé say, “Bow down bitches.” Chloe killed her silhouette challenge performance, and everyone agrees. But then you have this one hater who touches on every part of you that you are trying to love.

Though it was that bad apple, everyone immediately came to her rescue including me. No Chloe Bailey slander over here. She expressed that it took her awhile to love her body and to be able to express that without looking for any attention. It’s an expression of self-love which for women is one of our many insecurities.

I definitely related to Chloe’s situation because women are taught to cover ourselves, so men won’t look at us or if you show your body then you are a slut. We have to change that narrative and allow young girls to express themselves the day young boys are allowed to. Especially in the church community, but we are not going to go there just yet.

Overall, it validates what RuPaul always says “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going love somebody else.”

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